Congratulations! Earning your Lean Six Sigma Green Belt is a testimonial to your aptitude and persistence. Most credible LSSGB Certification programs also require successful completion of at least one project that provides added value to an organization. So, further congratulations for making a positive difference.

So, what’s next?  Should you pursue Black Belt certification?

While another certification may be of interest, the best thing you could do is put your new skills to work. You have already been exposed to the skills and tools required to solve many important process problems. Your value will best be demonstrated by adding more value to the organizations you work for and/or support. You should strive to become very proficient at solving problems that make life easier for customers, employees, suppliers, and management. You should do this is a way that engages other people so they are also learning and contributing to the changes. You will learn even more by becoming a good mentor and coach for others that are buying into this systematic approach for operational improvement and excellence.

If you focus on these things, then you will gain much more personal satisfaction and credibility than any certification that you could pursue. Now go make an even bigger difference!

About Er Ralston

Er Ralston is an accomplished coach, trainer, and advisor, specializing in business process excellence, strategic and tactical business planning, Lean management systems, Six Sigma improvement methodology, and the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award criteria for performance excellence. Er brings more than 30 years of experience in numerous operations and quality leadership interventions. He is a Lean expert and certified Six Sigma Master Black Belt.