Alignment of Process Management and Digital Transformation

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  Nearly all businesses are continuously looking for ways to become more efficient and more productive.  Many organizations are looking to digital transformation to help with this. To get the full benefit from digital transformation, automation initiatives should be built on the foundation of a sound process management system.  Process Management refers to aligning [...]

Collaborative Assessments – Faster, Less Costly, More Efficient

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  When conducting an assessment of the organization, two questions that leaders should be asking are: Do we really know how well our organization is performing? Is everyone on the same page with regards to organizational performance and priorities for improvement? For more than two decades, organizations have utilized the Collaborative Assessment process to [...]

Lean Transformation – A Five Phase Never Ending Journey to Excellence

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A Lean Management System may be applied by any organization that wants to improve process performance in the eyes of customers, business leaders and employees. Lean is about creating customer value with a minimal amount of waste.  It is both a philosophy and a set of principles/tools.  It can be applied for the design [...]

The Simple Checklist – A Highly Effective Intervention for Quality and Safety

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In a study published by Johns Hopkins Medicine in 2016, researchers discovered that nearly 9.5% of all deaths in the United States are directly caused by medical errors. Compared to other leading causes of deaths, this number ranks third, shadowed only by heart disease and cancer. This statistic is alarming, especially when considering that [...]

Six Principles for Process Excellence

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So you want to grow your business, become more efficient, and delight your customers with service excellence.  Want to know how?  Here is some important information to help make a dramatic difference in business performance. In all industry sectors, customers want to receive more value for their time and money.  Customers want shorter wait [...]

Six Reasons Why Voice of the Customer Analysis is Essential for Process Improvement

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Clients often ask me why they should take time to collect and analyze Voice of the Customer (VOC) information.  If there’s a known need, why not go ahead and fix the problem? It may seem that analyzing the bigger picture is a waste of time when they could get right to work taking care [...]

Who Is Coaching the Process Excellence Coaches?

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As businesses continue to seek out new and emerging methods for encouraging staff performance, more and more organizations are discovering the value of coaching programs.  In the field of Process Excellence, coaching is recognized as an important tactic to help the workforce do a better job of improving processes and business operations.  In one recent [...]

Just Do It vs PDSA: Resisting the Allure of the Quick Fix

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"The solution is obvious.  Just Do It!” This expression is often heard in the field of process improvement.  The yearning for speed and simplicity of a Just Do It (JDI) approach is understandable. Just as problems vary in complexity and difficulty, so do the solutions we seek to correct them. Sometimes process solutions are [...]

Applying the Right Coaching Approach for PI Practitioners

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Are you using the right approach for coaching process improvement practitioners? Coaching is a frequent and appropriate facet of helping a workforce learn and develop. It can be a key component for supporting an organization’s process improvement system, and the personal development needs of practitioners. Coaching is often provided for people in the roles of [...]

Attention Process Excellence Coaches: You Need a Process!

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Is coaching a key component of your process improvement or operations excellence program? If not, should it be? If you are coaching, do you know how to provide high value coaching so that people can achieve organizational and personal goals? Process improvement professionals and teams can learn how to create more value through regular, on-going [...]